The Robe Lives - Mfumte

The Robe Lives - Mfumte

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Made by hand in Tanzania. African Print Robes for the streets, sheets and beach. 100% of profits to charity. The Robe Lives is a project founded by adventure professionals Andrew and Adrienne McDermott of A and A Take The World in partnership with The Fabrics are 100% cotton and hand picked and designed by A&A in Tanzania. Each fabric design is used one time in three sizes, so if you weren’t already, you’re now one third of a triplet crew!

 Each robe purchase helps to destigmatize menstrual periods and provide young women with a sanitary product that lasts up to 10 years. In places where “that time of the month” is taboo, many women without access to proper sanitary products have increased risk of infection from “treating” their periods with pieces of mattress, old newspaper, dirty socks, leaves, etc. The robe that you purchase will enable one young girl to stay in school, stay healthy and completely change the trajectory of her life through the work being done by


 SMALL (14-15in shoulder) | MEDIUM (15-16in shoulder) | LARGE (16-17.5in shoulder)