About Us

It all started long long ago...
This was the first Original David shirt created way back in 2004. The story of The Original David begins back in 2004 on my living room floor. I had just come to the realization that ordering 122 white t-shirts was probably not the best investment. I'd had this idea that I was going to do this AWESOME fashion show and that my promo "teaser" would be shirts printed with "Who is Rakiyt?" on the front...Well on that day I found myself saying, well "who is Rakiyt?", like, who did I think I was? I had just graduated college and was trying to pull off doing a full collection in one of the most expensive French hotels in downtown Washington DC. Well I came to my senses pretty quickly about the largesse of my plans but not before I had ordered a case full of white tees. I've been blessed to grow up with a mother who hoards fabric. There was always something at my disposal. So when I found myself a few looks short for an upcoming fashion show, I knew that those t-shirts had finally met their destiny. I wanted to create a bold and colorful design, but didn't have the time to get anything screen printed. I tried crochet but that took FOREVER, then I found my mom's felt stash and EUREKA! It was a match made in heaven. My goal was to be as politically incorrect as possible and create a character that was playful but intelligent. I put those first Davids on the runway and the rest is history! People had taken notice of my funny looking characters and The Original David was born.
in every language there's a david...

The Original David is where National Geographic meets Yo Mtv Raps and Jim Henson. Our brand mixes our love for global cultures with our 80s baby humor, nostalgia, and hip hop roots; itʼs a clash of culture, creativity, and current events. We believe that at our core, we're all pretty much the same regardless of race, culture, or economy, we're all Davids. Why "David"? Everybody knows a David. There's a name variant of David found in most languages across the world, it may be spelled or pronounced a little differently but David nonetheless.

Our clothing is hand crafted with precision and an attention to detail that has garnered us a loyal and growing following. Itʼs the process as much as the final product that fuels the excitement around our brand. 

Meet David's Mom
“ I couldn’t be a DJ so I started spinning threads . ” says Rakiyt Zakari who’s love of music and culture is evidenced in her designs. Rakiyt is the first woman to collaborate with Nike’s Jordan brand and the recipient of The Perrier Bubbling Under Award for Emerging designers. She has worked professionally in the Fashion Industry since 2004 formerly as the creative director of her eponymous high end women’s wear line RAKIYT and currently as the owner and head creative of The Original David brand. She was the guest fashion Ambassador for The State Department in Mexico where, she gave a series of entrepreneurial lectures to high school students, small business owners, and college students. Known for her ability to layer ideas in a way that appeals to a broad range of audiences, Rakiyt has collaborated on special projects with well known and established brands and organizations including RIAA, National Geographic, and an on going partnership with
Amnesty International. She holds a BA in Fashion Merchandising from Howard University and a Certificate in Experimental Design from London’s Central Saint Martins.
contact us at: info@theoriginaldavid.com