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Goodbye Davids

Now it's time to say goodbye...     Have you ever worked so hard at something for so long that it becomes a part of you? It gets to where you don’t feel like you’re working so much as living and breathing whatever that thing is you’ve labored on for so long. For over 10 years that’s how it’s been with The Original David. This brand has grow from a philosophy: “in every language there’s a david...” to a true movement of Davids in every language.  This brand has been fueled by all of you guys that see something of yourself in The Original David.  What most of you may not know is that this brand is named after my...

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We Made Did

On Saturday MADE DO! and We Made Davids! Owner/Designer of The Original David, Rakiyt Zakari (Me) was in DC yesterday speaking at the Deanwood Public Library to an audience about the ins and outs of The Original David and entrepreneurship as an invited guest of The General Store Inc and DC Public Library. Attendees also got a chance to participate in our first DYO (Design Yo Own) DAVIDS Session. It was awesome seeing people create their own Davids. This was our first time ever doing a workshop like this but it definitely won't be our last. We had way too much fun. Want us to come to your city, school, or speak to your organization? Drop us an email, we LOVE...

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Come see me in DC August 15th

This Saturday, August 15th I will be in DC at the Deanwood Public Library telling you all about The Original David, my journey as an entrepreneur and what it's like to "MAKE.DO" with what you have to get what you want. This event is being brought to you by The General Store inc. in conjunction with DC Public Libraries. This should be fun, I'm really excited about the Q & A session following my presentation.

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